This character is modeled after yours truly. Both looks and personality are roughly similar to my own. Chibz is the artist of the group. A daydreamer, a visionary, call him what you want. He's often in his own world, even when he shouldn't be. Even during class he draws constantly. Having his own sense of fashion, he tends to wear some things that attract some laughter. But being true to himself is all Chibz is about. Chibz is also a gamer and not exactly with the "in" crowd, along with his friends. In fact, Chibz can't really even function with people other than his friends, which is why he always keeps them nearby. Being the leader of his friends and the main character of this comic, you'll be seeing quite a bit of him.

Leon aka "Len"

Len is the yin to Chibz' yang. He keeps things in perspective for Chibz. However, Len has a tendency to take things too seriously, and almost always too far. Len also tends to be overly cautious and uptight about things. Also a gamer, Len isn't the most popular kid, but gets by a lot easier than Chibz. Len's a good student works hard and gets the grades to prove it. He does have one fatal flaw though. He falls in love with anything that's female and moves. Heck, it doesn't even need to move.


Allen is the kind of kid you never really figure out. Despite him being quite close with his friends, no one can ever really tell what he's really about. He can be deep and profound, or stupid and boystrous. However, he's a trustworthy person and when someone needs to get something off their chest, they go to Allen. Allen's an optimist to the extreme, at least when talking to others. Allen's philosophy is that if others aren't suffering, then everything is alright.

Lucia aka Jill aka Zelda...

A quirky girl who's always hoping to leave someone in a confused daze. When asked her name, she always has a new name from some videogame or another. Few people know her real name, and that's how she likes it. However, Chibz came to know her as Lucia, so that's how she's known to the group. Lucia's a firm believer that girls can do anything boys can, and is always willing to prove it. However, at least to Chibz, her most perplexing quality is her ability to get along with both the "in" crowd and the not so popular people, like Chibz and his friends.

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